• Q&A with Dom Pelletier

    We had the opportunity to chat with Dom Pelletier, the author and illustrator of the Lunch Club series. Read on […]

  • Q&A with Erin Bow

    We had the opportunity to chat with Erin Bow, the author of Simon Sort of Says. Read on to learn more […]

  • Q&A with Lana Button

    We had the opportunity to chat with Lana Button, the author of What if Bunny’s Not A Bully? Read on to […]

  • Q&A with Nadia L. Hohn

    We had the opportunity to chat with Nadia L. Hohn, the editor of The Antiracist Kitchen and author of Malaika, […]

  • Dragonfly Tales … Belonging

    In this video, Laura and her daughter Ruby talk about the importance of seeingourselves in the stories we read They […]

  • Dragonfly Tales … Elements of Mystery

    Laura and her daughter Ruby have a new series called Dragonfly Tales. They spent the summer reading a lot of great books from our Telling Tales authors. In this video, they share some books for kids ages 8 to teen—and all the stories include elements of mystery!

  • Great Reads this Summer

    Reading has the ability to transport us from our current reality to a world of fantasy, different locations and adventures […]

  • Get Creative this Summer

    One of our favourite ways to appreciate the outdoors is to explore one of our favourite locations…RBG Canada.Read more

  • Fright Night at Twilight

    My parents always call me Sassy Tassy when they are in a good mood, but past week they haven’t been. We used to live in a little 2-story apartment building, and Mr. Garrett is the landlord. My father lost his job as a waiter, when the restaurant ownership changed. We didn’t have enough money to pay our rent. So that’s how I am here now, at the old creepy, abandoned house on Weston Street.

  • The Haunted Castle

    In the late 1950s there was a boy named Sami. One day Sami was taking a walk in his neighborhood and he saw a castle that had not been there before. “This is odd,” thought Sami, “This castle hasn’t been here before.”

  • The Haunted Mess

    It was night time in a small town called Scareville they called it that because their Halloweens were always the scariest 8 of the people in the town were in a secret club.

  • The Scratch

    I heard a scratch at the door. I don’t usually get scared when my parents go out, but my stomach was in a hard knot knot making me feel anxious.

  • Billy Goats Gruff Remake

    Once upon a time there were three billy goats eating away at the grass on their side of the bridge, but one day all the grass was gone. So the billy goat gruff decided to send over the smallest goat first.

  • Peter Pan Adaptation

    Wendy was soaring through the sky as she approached the island. Peter turned his head as they neared the shore. “That’s Neverland!” Wendy smiled as did her brothers.

  • Creativity Club – Switcheroo!

    Dear diary,
    Today was an okay day.

    I woke up to my water bottle dribbling on my chin! I tried to make things better by spreading around my bedding to dry myself off but some got in my nose. Ahh choo!…

  • Twists and Turns Contest Winner

    Tiria was an ordinary-ish fairy. No fairy could be completely ordinary, but she was close. Too close. There was a story about a fairy who became completely ordinary and disappeared forever…

  • Body Swap – Book Review

    In Yara’s second book review for Telling Tales, she shares her insights and thoughts on Sylvia McNicoll’s latest release Body Swap.

  • Meet the Author: Sylv Chiang

    You may know Sylv Chiang as the author of the popular Cross Ups series. We had a chance to ask her a few questions, and wait until you read what she shared!

  • What’s Your Inspiration

    What inspires you? If you are interested in sharing your creative work, we would love to see it. Join our Creativity Club and find out more!