August 2022

Head over to the blog for the next installment of Glitchen from Mrs. Mercanti’s FDK class: Glitchen Returns!

July 2022

Kindergarten student Troy was inspired by author/illustrator Mélanie Watt during Celebrating Graphic Novels to create his own version of Scaredy Squirrel!

June 2022

Grade 5 student Ruby was inspired by an illustration workshop with Debbie Ridpath Ohi.

Ruby, age 11

May 2022

Graphic novelist Dom Pelletier submitted his own entries to the Creativity Club after workshops with French Immersion students at HWDSB. Meet Leo and Dino!

April 2022

Review of The Barren Grounds by David A. Robertson, written by a Grade 4 student from Central Elementary School in Hamilton

March 2022

I Had a Unicorn in My Family by Aerin, age 5

February 2022

Troy, age 5

January 2022

Aerin, age 5, enjoys creating her own graphic novels. She often shares them with her Kindergarten class on Fun Fridays!

Grade 1 students from Cathy Wever School in Hamilton share their creative work inspired by illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi.

December 2021

Krithigdev, age 6

November 2021

Aiyana, age 11
Kearn, age 9
Kearn, age 9

October 2021

Jenessa, Kindergarten
Dessio, Kindergarten
Dessio, Kindergarten

September 2021

Aiyana, age 11

July 2021

Domenic, age 10
Bianca, age 13
Joel, age 13

June 2021

Kaidden, age 7

May 2021

Ethan, age 11
Aiyana, age 11

March 2021

Melina, age 8

Scare Me! Contest Finalists

Fright Night at Twilight—Audrey, age 12

“Mom, couldn’t we have stayed somewhere else?” 

“Tassy, we are not doing this again. I know it’s not the best situation, but we have to make the best of it. Look on the bright side, Mr. Garrett didn’t drop us off on the street with all our stuff like he did the Mahorm’s, he gave us a week to pack.” 

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The Haunted Castle—Sami, age 10

In the late 1950s there was a boy named Sami. One day Sami was taking a walk in his neighborhood and he saw a castle that had not been there before. “This is odd,” thought Sami, “This castle hasn’t been here before.”

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Y̷o̵u̷ H̶ ̶ad̶ ̶ Y̵ ̶o̴u̶r ̵T̶ ̷im̵ ̷ e.̵—Cruz, age 10

Earlier today I went to the computer to play Roblox. I’ve always liked the game, but today something felt different. I decided I would play Texting Simulator so I joined the game and I had this error message:


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The Haunted Mess—Josh, age 11

It was night time in a small town called Scareville they called it that because their Halloweens were always the scariest 8 of the people in the town were in a secret club. They built a secret base into a cliff. The people that were in the club were named Ronald, Jim, Joe, Scarlet, Bob, Teddy, Tim, and Bill. They had a secret club because they were the ones that made the town scary.

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Twists & Turns Contest Finalists

Billy Goats Gruff Remake—Alia, age 11

Once upon a time there were three billy goats eating away at the grass on their side of the bridge, but one day all the grass was gone. So the billy goat gruff decided to send over the smallest goat first.

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Goldie Locks and the Three Bears—Ruby, age 9

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Goldie Locks. She was a very kind girl.  One day she went for a walk in the forest and decided to walk in a part of the forest she’d never  walked in before.  

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Peter Pan Adaptation—Noah, age 13

Wendy was soaring through the sky as she approached the island. Peter turned his head as they neared the shore. “That’s Neverland!” Wendy smiled as did her brothers. As the four of them flew lower Michael spotted a cove, and a ship with black sails in the cove. Michael however, had seen ships before and although it didn’t seem to be an S.S. he mentioned nothing of it. 

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January 2021

Rose, age 8

December 2020

Aiyana, Age 10
Aiyana, Age 10

Switcheroo! by Ruby, Aged 9

Dear diary,

Today was an okay day. I woke up to my water bottle dribbling on my chin! I tried to make things better by spreading around my bedding to dry myself off but some got in my nose. Ahh choo! …Continue Reading

November Submissions

Bookmark Contest Winners!

Alexander Patrick (Ages 3–4)
Jade Robitaille (Ages 5–6)
Ibrahim Abdel-Aziz (Ages 7–9)
Haiqa Tahir (Ages 10–14)
Nour Abdel-Aziz (Ages 3–4)
Victoria Patrick (Ages 5–6)
Christine Liu (Ages 7–9)
Diya Deepu (Ages 10–14)