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As a leader in this community, you have a story to tell. We have an audience that loves telling tales and hearing them, too. Through our festivals, school and community events and, increasingly, to an online audience of half a million people, we are recognized as a leading authority on Canadian literature for children and youth. By becoming a Partner of Telling Tales, you will be recognized as a champion of young families and the values they hold dear, like the love of stories, art and nature.

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“We love it – it has become a part of our family tradition – we come every year!”

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Our loyal fans are families who seek enriching experiences and value reading, stories, the arts and nature. They attend festivals and events looking for the best opportunities for their families, and have shown they will enthusiastically engage with companies that share their values. Show them you’re on the same page. 

Partnership and Sponsorship Options:

Benefit from a marketing campaign worth over $300,000 which is designed to have an impact locally, provincially and nationally.  Last year Telling Tales received over 5,000,000 media impressions  –  our Partners share the spotlight. This year we’ll reach millions more.

  • Naming opportunities for on-line and live events
  • Brand building
  • Product promotion
  • On-line vendor opportunities 
  • Advertising 
  • Social Media support
  • Sponsorships
  • Customized packages
  • Ask about category exclusivity
  • And more!



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