A photo of Dom Pelletier, a white man with salt and pepper hair and a moustache. Text reads: Q and A with Dom Pelletier. A the bottom of the image is the Telling Tales logo.

We had the opportunity to chat with Dom Pelletier, the author and illustrator of the Lunch Club series. Read on to learn more about Dom and his creative process!

 Q: Where do you find the inspiration for your books? Are you inspired to create the pictures or the story first?

A: Usually, I find inspiration in little everyday events with my children and in school where I go to do animations. But when I create new character for my stories, I sometime draw them first— seeing them with my own eyes make it easier for me to imagine who they are and what makes them interesting and unique.

 Q: What were your favorite books when you were a kid? As a young reader, did you see yourself in the books you read?

A: Growing up I read a lot of classic comic books like Tintin and Asterix. I actually read just about any comic books I could get my hands on! In my family we didn’t own a lot of books, but my mother took me to the public library every week. I’m happy that nowadays we have more Canadian comic books writers; I think that it helps children to identify with the characters, especially since the main characters are often children themselves. I always like to recognize little details in book that make them seem closer to my life.

Q: What’s the most surprising thing you have learned when creating your books?

A: How much time it actually takes to write and illustrate a comic book! Sooo many pages… It’s like running a marathon… while sitting! Also, I learned that imagination is endless. I sometimes feel like I’m all out of ideas but then I still manage to come up with something new and exciting to write about, like bigfoots, time travel, robots, and—of course—dinosaurs!

Q: What is a challenge you have faced as an author and/or illustrator?

A: It can be challenging to create alone, not knowing how it will be received in the end by my readers. It helps that I regularly go to book  shows where I meet the children who read my books. They give me feedback and new inspiration.

Q: What advice do you have for kids who are interested in art or writing?

A: Becoming an artist, either in visual arts or writing, isn’t something that happens overnight. If you want to become an illustrator or a writer, you should keep practicing a little bit every day. It will help you develop your skills and even more importantly find your own voice or style. Reading a lot of different sorts of books will help you to get inspired and teach you how to create your own stories!