We challenged our Telling Tales attendees to right a story of their own using the great tips about plot twists and turns that were shared during the episode of the same name!

Here is the winner entry By Katie M.

Tiria was an ordinary-ish fairy. No fairy could be completely ordinary, but she was close. Too close. There was a story about a fairy who became completely ordinary and disappeared forever. It was a popular story, and everyone had heard it at least three times. Nobody said that it was true, but nobody said that it wasn’t either. Tiria was worried that it could happen to her, but there was nothing she could do to be less like the other fairies. Or at least, there was nothing she could do until the day she saw the elves. These elves, unlike Christmas elves, were very mean, and all they wanted was power. 

One day, she was walking through the rainbow forest (a forest with rainbow trees) when she saw a group of them. She knew how dangerous elves were, so she hid in a large bush. It was very strange for the bush to be there, since the rainbow forest didn’t usually have bushes. Tiria was too worried to notice, and the elves were getting closer to her bush. 

She heard them talking about how they could become very powerful by redecorating the planet they were on. They discussed their plans to plant bushes in rainbow forest, and how they would erase the stars. They walked deeper into the forest, and when she could no longer see them, Tiria ran in the other direction. 

After ten minutes of running, she realized that she was lost. She flew above the trees, but the fairy village was too far away for her to see. She started to walk in the direction that she hoped would lead her home, but after almost two hours of walking, she still had not found her way back, and she had to sleep in an abandoned treehouse. 

The next morning, she saw a path that led to a valley. She had heard stories about a fairy village in one just like the valley ahead of her. She followed the path, but strangely, it took a whole day to reach her destination, even though it was only three steps away. She suddenly realized that the elves could have changed the time so days were shorter. She looked around. The valley was dark, but the distant hills seemed to glow. The stars were gone, but the sky was shining with light. Only one thing was the way it had been. The moon. No matter what happened, the moon would never change. If it did, the world would be over. There was only one way to make that happen, and nobody could do that. 

She stepped towards a small rainbow rock that had turned gray. She picked it up, and it started to change back to the way it was before. She gasped, and dropped the rock. She noticed that the rock could have changed colour because her hands were warm. She put the rock in her pocket and flew towards the hills. 

When she got to the other side, she saw a strange town. She flew towards it, but she soon realized that it was the fairy village, not a strange town. She smiled. She was glad to be home, but something seemed different. Before she left the grass was green, but when she got back it looked blue. She walked to her house. 

When she looked down, she saw a path of green grass where she was walking. Her feet were not warm, so she didn’t know how the grass changed back. When she looked at her house, she knew what had happened. She changed the rock and the grass. It wasn’t the heat that did it. When she realized that she could fix everything, the green spread across all of the grass. 

When Tiria touched her door, the whole house changed into a giant teapot. The transformation startled her, and she almost fell through the window. She flew to the sky, and the stars appeared. She kept flying around all of the fairy village until everything there was fixed. 

When she got to the fairy castle, she heard something strange. It sounded like a bird laughing. She remembered the bush and the treehouse. Then, she knew why they were where she needed them. Someone had put them there. 

An elf walked towards her from behind the castle wall and told her to hide. They hid behind a tree, and the elf explained that there was a bird who had been turned into an elf, and the other elves were pretending to not to know. They had lied about wanting to change things, and they led her to the valley to fix everything. The plan did not exactly work, but she had fixed things and that was what they needed. Then, the elf told her to touch the bird and fix everything.

Tiria entered the castle, and as she walked, things started to change. The brown floor turned green, and the black walls changed back to blue. She entered the first room that she saw, and there was a group of elves. One elf pushed another elf towards her and told her who it was. She touched the elf, and everything was normal again, including the bird.