Our December Creativity Club prompt was Switcheroo.

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You wake up in the morning and something is not quite right. You climb out of bed, walk over to the full-length mirror and AAAAAAGH! That’s not your body!

How will you spend the day in your new body? Describe your experience using as much detail as possible. Are you going to try to find a way to get your own body back?

Thank you to Rudy, aged 9 for this wonderful submission!

Dear diary,

Today was an okay day.

 I woke up to my water bottle dribbling on my chin! I tried to make things better by spreading around my bedding to dry myself off but some got in my nose. Ahh choo!

To make things worse when my human held me I slipped through their hands and fell on the couch.

It didn’t hurt that much but my human must have thought it did because she bandaged me up and gave me a tasty treat. Celery! Yum!

Finally after who knows how long I got to roll around in my ball. It was fun but I got really dizzy after.

I was ready to go to bed but my human made me run on my exercise machine. I was very very tired after that but I ate a bit and I had just enough energy to write this. Goodnight.