What’s Your Inspiration? 

You know that feeling you get when you are reading a book? If the character is nervous, you feel nervous. If the character jumps into a cold lake, you’re along for the ride (without getting wet!). 

Sometimes an illustration brings your attention to an important detail. A frame in a graphic novel shows you a close-up. Maybe it’s an item essential to the plot. Maybe it’s a facial expression that reveals a secret. 

What do you think our little friend Claude from the Almost Epic Squad series is planning?

Authors and illustrators use many different strategies to bring us on their adventures, and we love to be part of them. 

But what about you? 

How do you choose to share your story? 

What inspires you? 

  • Does a feeling ever make you think of a colour? Does that colour turn into a shape and then a whole piece of art? 
  • When you’re out walking, do you ever overhear one part of a conversation? Does that get you thinking about who that person is and what they will do next? 
  • Have you ever looked at an object and wondered what its story was? Where did it come from? What experiences has it had? 
  • Have you ever started with just one word, then written down everything it made you think about? Have those words become a poem or a song? 

If you’ve never had a chance to try something like this, we highly recommend it. And if you are interested in sharing your creative work, we would love to see it—and we will share some pieces on our website and social media. All you have to do is join our new Creativity Club.

Every month, we will send you some prompts we hope will inspire you to get started. There will also be a quick-fire activity with a timed writing challenge. 

If you have other creative work you’d like to share, we’d love to see it! This could be a story, a drawing, a comic, a song . . . the ideas are endless. And we always want to hear your thoughts on books you’ve read. If you need recommendations on what to read next, our Reading List is a great place to start). 

Join the Creativity Club here and get started. We can’t wait to see what you create!