Join the Creativity Club

  • Are you between 6 and 16 years old?
  • Do you love to write or draw?
  • Would you like the chance to see your work published on our Telling Tales website?

The Creativity Club is for you!

Follow these steps to become a member:

  • Sign up below and receive a digital newsletter every month.
  • Follow one of the prompts or complete the quick-fire challenge.
  • Submit your creative work using the online form on our Submissions Page.
  • Check back to see if your work has been featured on our website or social media.

If you aren’t interested in this month’s prompt – no problem! We accept all kinds of creative work. You can always send us the following:

  • a review of a book you have read
  • a story you have written (even if it’s just the beginning!)
  • a comic you have created
  • your own artwork
  • a poem you have written
  • anything that shows your creativity!

Visit the gallery and get ready to be inspired!

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The Rules

  • Entries must be no longer than 500 words (and some prompts will have shorter requirements).
  • There is no limit to the number of pieces you can submit.
  • Entries must be sent via the online form on the website.
  • By submitting a piece to the Creativity Club, you are providing Telling Tales with permission to publish this work.

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