We issued the challenge—write your spookiest story. Authors Joel Sutherland and Angela Misri carefully reviewed all the entries.

This entry is from 11-year-old Josh, one of the finalists.

It was night time in a small town called Scareville they called it that because their Halloweens were always the scariest 8 of the people in the town were in a secret club. They built a secret base into a cliff. The people that were in the club were named Ronald, Jim, Joe, Scarlet, Bob, Teddy, Tim, and Bill. They had a secret club because they were the ones that made the town scary.

After a couple years of being in that club they lost all their money. They lost their money because they spent all of it on making their club better. But they did not have jobs so they couldn’t earn it back. One day to get the gang some food Ronald went to a farm field to steal some crops. But a farmer named Jeff didn’t want anyone to take his crops so he released his bulls at Ronald and they knocked his head right off his body.

About a week later the rest of the gang was wondering where Ronald was. It was almost Halloween and they needed to make it scary. But sadly they had to do it without Ronald because he didn’t show up for a long time. Eventually it was October 30th and the gang was making the town scary. Finally it was bedtime for everyone in the city, even the gang.

The next day which was Halloween arrived. The gang put up jack o lanterns, fake skeletons, fake ghosts and fake zombies. But around 12:00 in the afternoon there was a tornado warning trick or treating was CANCELED!!!

At 8:00 the tornado began, everyone was safe in their basements but Ronald was still lost… then in the tornado it mixed up jack o lanterns ghost decorations and Ronald’s brain. It created a weird mixture of things. With Ronald´s brain in the mix it made it a living ghost with the head of a jack o lantern finally the tornado was done so the haunted mess which was the weird mix of things was released. The mess was flying around the town and sneaking up on people. With the head of a jack o lantern the mess could produce fire. There were 28 burnt bodies found on the streets. The mess next stop was the secret base… 

Once he got to the secret base he was looking for people to burn he creeped through the vents and found Joe hiding, he burnt Joe and turned him to ashes. Then the mess left the base and went to Jeff´s farm fields. The animals suddenly tried to attack the mess then farmer Jeff came out with a pitchfork to try and stop the mess. The mess set the barn on fire and tried to burn Jeff but couldn’t get him. Then BOOM it was a gunshot. Then the mess turned around and saw Ronald coming for his brain. But currently he didn’t have a brain and was a zombie. Ronald the zombie was trying to shoot the mess. All Ronald wanted was his brain.

Suddenly all the people in the gang that were still alive came to the farm field and tried to fight the mess. Then all together there was the gang, Jeff’s animals, Jeff himself and Ronald’s zombie trying to fight the mess. After 2 hours of fighting one of Jeff’s bulls got the final hit on the mess. The mess was dead. The gang took Ronald’s brain and his body to a hospital. There was a surgery to get Ronald’s brain back in his body. They had to connect the brain to many nerves in his body. His brain did not connect properly to his left arm so they had to give him a prosthetic one. After a while Ronald was back to normal and the gang was ready to TRY and make an even more spooky Halloween next year. 

The End