By Monica Arnaldo

Harper Collins

July 26, 2024



ThemesHumourPicture Book

Age / Grade 4-7 / Kindergarten-Grade 1

Calling upon only the BRAVEST detectives with the STRONGEST noses—do you dare to scratch ‘n’ sniff and help solve this foul mystery?!

There’s been a robbery at the Museum of Very Bad Smells! Somebody stole the world-famous rotten egg . . . and everybody is a suspect. It’s up to YOU to help sniff out the culprit and bring the prized exhibit back before the museum’s grand opening. 

From award-winning creator Monica Arnaldo comes a hilarious and interactive mystery about a robbery at the Museum of Very Bad Smells, with five stinky scratch elements in this hilarious picture book that encourages kids to scratch, smell, and—of course—pass it along to a friend.