By Kevin Sylvester

Scholastic Canada

March 1, 2023



ThemesSci-Fi and FantasySports and Games

Age / Grade 8-12 / Grades 3-6

Benny, Jenny, Karl, Starlight, DJ, and Mo got zapped in an evil plot gone wrong ― and they became the super-est team the world has ever seen.

Lucky thing, because this time the Six face their toughest challenge yet ― all their worst foes have joined together to defeat them once and for all. Thanks to Slapper and Clarence Crosscheck, the Six see their reputation ripped to shreds. And then it gets worse ― their powers are stripped away. Their only chance at redemption is a final all-or-nothing hockey game against the GANG. But without all their superpowers, how can they match up? Maybe their true skills were their teamwork and friendship all along?