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Join Tanaz Bhathena, Hamilton Youth Poets and Josh Taylor if you’re interested in becoming a writer. We’ll learn about creating and telling stories using different methods like slam poetry and rap! Join our friends at the Art Gallery of Burlington to learn more about self publishing your own book.

Tanaz Bhathena

Join Tanaz Bhathena for a reading from her latest novel, Hunted by the Sky, followed by an interview and live chat with fans on Facebook.

Hunted by the Sky explores identity, class struggles, and high-stakes romance in a gripping adventure set in a world inspired by medieval India.

Tanaz is the author of The Beauty of the Moment, as well as the critically acclaimed A Girl Like That, which received two starred reviews and was named a Best Book of the Year by Seventeen, The Globe and Mail, and The Times of India, among others. Tanaz has received  the Nautilus Gold Award for Young Adult Fiction and has also been nominated for the Ontario Library Association’s White Pine Award.

Make-A-Zine for Teens with the AGB

Join Tara Bursey, Associate Educator at the Art Gallery of Burlington, as she shares information about the origin of zines, shows off zines from her own private collection, and explains how you can make an easy 8-page mini-zine of your own.

Zines are self-published books that have allowed people of all ages to share their passions, ideas and values. They often contain art, ideas, information, and experiments incorporating visual art,  writing, and a do-it-yourself attitude.

Materials list for Make-A-Zine:

  • 8.5 x 11″ paper, white and in assorted colours
  • Glue stick
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Assorted art making tools (pencils, pens, fine line black markers, coloured markers)
  • Access to a photocopier, if possible

Hip Hop Poetics Workshop

Join Hamilton Youth Poets (HYP) teaching artists AK and Tee for pro pointers on how to find your unique hip hop poetic voice.

AK is a Nigerian born poet/rapper living in Vaughan, Ontario. When he isn’t studying Economics at McMaster University, he’s dedicating his time to creating music and improving his writing as a whole.

Tanya “Tee” Pineda is an emerging Spoken Word poet from Hamilton, Ontario who has just begun her studies in Creative Writing at the Ontario College of Art and Design. With a passion for engaging community work and a love for creative writing, Tee has been exploring their identity and the world around them through their writing.

As members of HYP’s Teaching Artist Corps, these artists develop their identities as educators and mentors while simultaneously developing their craft.

Josh Taylor

Join host Josh Taylor as he teaches the audience how to create a story through dance.

Aside from being our amazing host, Josh is also the Owner, Director, Instructor and Choreographer at Defining Movement Dance. In his artistic practice, Josh pulls his influences predominately from his Hip-Hop and Street Dance roots and training, but also uses elements of Contemporary and Latin dance.  He incorporates strong narratives and themes in his choreography and performances, exploring Hip-Hop culture, Pop culture, sociopolitical and social justice issues.

Josh was this year’s recipient of the 2020 Hamilton Arts Award for Dance and Performing Arts and was the 2015 recipient of the John C. Holland, Jackie Washington Award for Arts Excellence. Josh is also a movement coach and mentor for Hamilton Youth Poets, and a consultant at Industry Theatre and Media company.

Our friends at the Hamilton Public Library have some fun and educational activities for you to try! Download this poetry party activity and give it a try.
Download the Poetry Party activity