The 7th Annual Award Winning Festival takes place on Sunday, September 20th, 2015

At Westfield Heritage Village, Rockton Ontario

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From The Blog
  • Announcing the latest Press Club Story “Buzz Buzz and the Bakery”!

    We have a special Press Club story from a budding author and illustrator Allison W., 8, from Hamilton wrote an entertaining mystery story about our dragonfly mascot. She attended the Telling Tales Festival on Sunday, September 14, 2014 and was so inspired, she wrote and ...
  • 2014 “Tell Your Tale” Contest Winners

    Congratulations to all the winners in our “Tell Your Tale” contest! At Telling Tales our goal is to bring stories to life. One way we do this is by having literary and historical characters in costume, strolling around the Festival talking to kids. We are very ...
  • Introducing the Creative Press Club Story “Fishy On Ice”!

    We are pleased to present a creative Telling Tales Press Club entry We love reading stories, especially when they are written by talented new authors! Congratulations to Victoria B., 8, and Emma C., 9 both from Hamilton. They wrote a fabulous creative story that features our ...

About the Venue

Our unique and beautiful venue, Westfield Heritage Village, contains over 35 historic buildings surrounded by 324 acres of unspoiled natural woodlands and meadows with several well marked nature trails and a rare T.H. & B Steam Train…