By Salwa Majoka Christine D.U. Chung

Penguin Random House

February 13, 2024



ThemesAAPI VoicesAdventureGraphic NovelNature and environmentSci-Fi and Fantasy

Age / Grade 4-7 / Kindergarten-Grade 1 6-8 / Grades 1-3

This lush and captivating wordless graphic novel follows a young space traveler visits Earth on a whim and finds a planet empty of people. She then stumbles upon a viewfinder and sees Earth as it was, juxtaposed against Earth as it is: abandoned, but still full of amazing things. Her adventure takes her to different places full of hints about the planet’s past and the strange glowing mushrooms that grow everywhere. As she wanders, though, she sees signs that perhaps there is still someone here. Both creators live in Toronto.