By Ambreen Butt-Hussain

Orca Book Publishers



ThemesEmotions and Social AwarenessFamily and FriendshipHumour

Age / Grade 8-12 / Grades 3-6

Content Bullying Immigration

Eleven-year-old Alina Butt – an awkward, big-nosed, nerdy Pakistani girl – has changed schools four times since her family immigrated to England. Despite all that practice, it hasn’t gotten any easier being the new kid. Mocked for her last name and her “weird” lunches, Alina has had enough! Wanting to stand out for the “right” reasons, Alina auditions for the school play. Her hopes of landing the lead role in Cinderella are dashed when her new friend gets the part of Cinderella and her bully is cast as Prince Charming!

Alina relies on her stubborn will and sense of humour to survive the embarrassing and ridiculous situations she finds herself in and discover her own way to shine!