By Andrea Curtis

Groundwood Books

September 3, 2024



ThemesNature and environmentNon-FictionSTEM

Age / Grade 4-7 / Kindergarten-Grade 1

Get loopy with this playful introduction to the hopeful, transformative possibilities of circular systems!

Nature works on a cycle, where everything in the loop has value and nothing is wasted. But modern humans have created a different kind of system: it’s less like a circle and more like a line. We take, make, use and then, when those things break or we’re finished with them, we toss them away.

But our planet’s resources are limited, and we’ve taken too much. That’s why all over the world, people are reusing, repurposing, repairing and designing waste out of the system!

Explore the ways that people everywhere are creating a loopier world: from growing building materials out of fungi to designing headphones (and cellphones!) that last, to producing vehicles that run on renewable energy. Plus, kids and families have a role to play, too. Loop de Loop introduces young readers to repair cafés, toy rentals, tool libraries and many more fun, innovative ways to build community and a more sustainable world.

Includes a list of ways children can take part in circular systems, along with a glossary and sources for further reading.