By Jessica Rose

Orca Books

May 15, 2024



ThemesNature and environmentNon-Fiction

Age / Grade 8-12 / Grades 3-6

Artists across the globe are using their creativity to help the environment and create a more sustainable world. There’s no question that creating art makes our lives better. Just think about how happy you feel when you’re dancing, singing, painting or crafting. But have you ever stopped to think about how creating art might make the world better, too? Environmental artists around the world are harnessing their creativity to help the planet. And their work isn’t just beautiful to look at. Some are creating important art that protects animal habitats, reclaims damaged natural environments, increases biodiversity and restores ecosystems. Others are raising awareness about local and global environmental challenges, including the climate crisis, soil erosion, pollution and habitat loss. Incredible art is featured, such as the Indigenous Art Park in Edmonton, artificial coral reef installations in the Caribbean Sea and a tree sculpture in Bristol, England, fitted with solar panels that can charge phones and computers. Let’s Get Creative: Art for a Better World encourages young readers to explore how creativity can make the earth a cleaner and greener place for everyone.