By Onome Ako

Scholastic Canada

August 1, 2024



ThemesBlack VoicesEmotions and Social AwarenessInclusion & DiversityPicture Book

Age / Grade 4-7 / Kindergarten-Grade 1 6-8 / Grades 1-3

My name is Kikelomo and I am cherished!

It’s Kikelomo’s first day of school and she is excited! But when it’s time to share in her classroom circle, Kikelomo is surprised and saddened when other children make fun of her name.

When Kikelomo comes home that night, her mother and father remind her how carefully they chose her name and that it means “a child who is cherished” in Yoruba, the language of her mother’s family. It prompts her to think about all the times she feels cherished and who she is, held inside her loving family.

When Kikelomo returns to school the next day, she can’t wait to share why calling her by her name is important, and how everyone can pronounce it if they try. With this simple act, her classmates — and teacher! — are all inspired to learn and share the stories of their names too. Joyful, powerful and infused with love, this proudly affirming story will resonate with every child who needs to stand up for their big, beautiful name, and encourage kids and grownups from all backgrounds to think about their own unique connection to their name.