By Joel A. Sutherland


September 3, 2024



ThemesGraphic NovelHorror

Age / Grade 12-14 / Grades 7-8

From a multi-award-winning author and four unique illustrators comes the bestselling Canadian series in a brand-new graphic novel treatment! A corpse that haunts a crossroads… A creepy doll with a mind of its own… An island that is no vacation destination… A neighbour with a scary reputation… Four unique artists breath ghastly life into the scariest tales adapted from the bestselling Haunted Canada series! Perfect for those who love graphic novels and existing fans of the original series, these four stories have it: creepy Canadian settings, hair-raising history and super-scary storytelling by award-winning author, Joel A. Sutherland. Illustrated in full-colour, these blood-curdling tales are sure to keep any reader turning the pages—and awake at night.