By Kate Jenks Landry

Kids Can Press

October 3, 2023



ThemesEmotions and Social AwarenessFamily and Friendship

Age / Grade 4-7 / Kindergarten-Grade 1 6-8 / Grades 1-3

A young girl must find a way to save her most unlikely pet. Beatrice desperately wants a pet. Her mom has other ideas. No dog. No cat. No hedgehog. They finally reach a compromise, and Beatrice gets … a Venus flytrap named Barb. Being a good pet owner, Beatrice makes the best of things. She takes Barb for walks and plays fetch. Only, now, despite all the love and care, Barb is starting to look sick. Beatrice knows she has to save Barb. But how? A kid-perfect model of being there for friends — no matter who (or what!) they are!