By Chad Solomon

Scholastic Canada



ThemesIndigenousNature and environment

Age / Grade 8-12 / Grades 3-6

Set in 18th century colonized North America, these graphic novels tell of the adventures of two mischievous Ojibwa brothers. Rabbit and his younger but bigger brother Bear Paws.

The stories, created by Chad Solomon and Christopher Meyer, use traditional Native teachings and humour and have been endorsed by John Beaucage, Former Grand Council Chief of the Anishinabek Nation.

Rabbit really does it this time, sticking both feet in his mouth by telling a tall tale. As Rabbit tells one tall tale after another to keep out of trouble, Rabbit’s stories quickly pile up and so do the troubles of the village. Will Rabbit’s tall tales be the down-fall of the village, or will Rabbit realize, it takes a big person to walk the path of an honest person?

Based on the Anishinabe teaching of Humility