Telling Tales Festival

On Demand

Age / Grade 8-12 / Grades 3-6

Join these Canadian children’s authors, illustrators, and performers to hear
about family stories – and about families who have had to leave home in
search of a new one! Sing a song with the Hamilton Children’s Choir
and watch two original compositions from members of the Hamilton Youth Poets. Join us for some storytelling improv and look out for the word clues for a chance to win a book!

Kathy Kacer

Join Kathy Kacer for her presentation of The Brave Princess and Me.

In 1943, the Second World War is raging, and the Nazis have taken control of most of Europe—including Athens, where Princess Alice of Greece lives. Princess Alice is kind and accepting of different types of people. Something the Nazis are not. Born deaf, she knows what it is like to be discriminated against.

With the arrival of the Nazis, all the Jews living in Greece are in danger, including young Tilde Cohen and her mother. On the run, they must find a safe place to hide. When they arrive, unannounced, on Princess Alice’s doorstep and beg her to hide them, the princess’s kindness is put to the test. Will she risk her own life to save theirs?

Inspired by a true story, the book includes a special section, with photographs, about Princess Alice. A real-life hero, Alice was the mother of the United Kingdom’s Prince Philip, the grandmother of Prince Charles, and the great-grandmother of Princes William and Harry.

Hamilton Children’s Choir

Join members of the Hamilton Children’s Choir for a very special performance.

featuring “Singing our Songs”  Laura Pin, piano; Monica Lindsay, Isla Mach-Webb, Caroline Cummings, choristers

Hamilton Children’s Choir makes a difference in the lives of children and youth within the greater Hamilton community by providing young people with exceptional choral music instruction and performance opportunities that foster creativity, personal development and social growth.

Hamilton Youth Poets

Join featured artists Ryan Deriggs and Aaliyah Dorner of the Hamilton Youth Poets as they share their stories, as only they can.

“Cold-Aaliyah” is written and performed by Aaliyah Dorner.
“I” is written and performed by Ryan Deriggs.

The Hamilton Youth Poets (HYP) have created a youth-focused spoken word community and a growing platform for youth to speak and be heard. Year round, HYP lead friendly poetry competitions that emphasize community and self-expression through hip-hop poetry, oral storytelling, and spoken word. HYP encourage the art of telling authentic stories with the voices of young witnesses, celebrating their identity and finding a common ground through their narratives. These talented poets truly know how to engage their audience. 

Alisa Siegel

Join Alisa Siegel as she presents My Name is Konisola. This is a story of courage and determination that will appeal to junior elementary and middle school readers. Konisola navigates life as a refugee in a new land with no family or friends as she discovers the generosity and good will that pave the way for a new family.

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Telling Stories through Improv

Join Krista McNaughton—Hamilton based actor, comedian and writer, as she shows our host Josh how to create a character to tell our story through improv. 

How to conduct an interview

Do you dream of being a journalist, television host or radio announcer? Do you just want to share your story? Our host Josh Taylor takes you through the steps of conducting an interview. From preparation to the final thank you, Josh has loads of valuable tips and tricks to make sure you have all the tools you need to be a great interviewer.

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