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Join these Canadian children’s authors and learn how to write scary stories! We’ll learn from the best—including an author and librarian who hunts ghosts at night. Watch today’s episode to listen to some beatboxing and make a bat craft.

Join the conversation between Angela Misri and Joel Sutherland about how to write scary stories. From creating ideas to putting pen to paper, get all their spooktacular recommendations.

Contest Alert

Show us your spooktacular writing skills by submitting your own spooky story to our Creativity club under the monthly prompt. This contest is extra special as our authors will be judging the contest and choosing our winners!

Angela Misri

In Angela Misri’s latest book, Pickles vs the Zombies, the comfortable life of Pickles, a calico house cat, is turned upside down when humans succumb to the zombie apocalypse. She doesn’t know where her “pet,” the human child Connor, has gone, only that zombies are everywhere. Kids love this suspenseful tale of Pickles and her friends fending off human zombies, street cats from the wrong side of the track and a ferocious gang of chipmunks. This book is a bit more scary and less silly than other titles from this author but definitely a fan favourite for children who enjoy a good scare.

Joel Sutherland

Be afraid—be very afraid! Join author Joel A. Sutherland, a librarian by day, ghost hunter by night, and recent creator of a Simpsons video that exploded all over the internet. He is also the author of the Haunted Canada series.

The tenth book in the bestselling series of hauntingly true Canadian stories is scarier than ever! Find even more chilling ghost stories from all across our spooky land. Moody black-and-white illustrations and photographs enhance the hauntingly eerie read. 


Hachey The MouthPEACE

Join Jason “Hachey The MouthPEACE,” a world class beatboxer from Hamilton, Ontario to learn some cool vocal tricks. Every sound in his music comes from one instrument—his mouth. The vocals, percussion, bass, turntable scratches and other rhythmic sounds on his recordings and live performances are all created using his tongue, larynx, lips and a wide variety of complex breathing techniques. Hachey released his first EP titled “Outside The Box” in 2013 winning him “Special Instrumentalist Of the Year” at the Hamilton Music Awards. Since then Hachey has toured Canada four times. In 2013 he got a national spotlight winning the Much Music Beatbox Championship. In 2015 he won his second HMA for his second EP, “Out Of Line,” as well as winning the 2015 Great North Beatbox Battle Loop-station Championship. Most recently, he won Emerging Artist for the 2018 City Of Hamilton Arts Awards. His most noteworthy show to date was opening up the 2015 Juno Awards in Hamilton, Ontario. He has been special featured in many media outlets such as Billboard, CBC, Hamilton Magazine, VIEW Magazine, and Y108. 

Making Halloween Decorations

Annie Webber shows us how we can make spooky and hilarious decorations for Halloween using cardboard toilet paper rolls.

Annie is an animator and educator living and working in Hamilton, Ontario. Her works come from environments created and developed for free play. Drawn to animation by the magic of movement, Annie believes in the healing power of creativity, especially through collaboration. Her video and animated works are almost always handmade, using a light digital touch to stitch together the magical qualities of symbols, tactile materials, and nostalgic themes—everything is made with love.