Telling Tales Festival

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Age / Grade 12-14 / Grades 7-8 14-18 / Grades 9+

Do you dream of becoming a children’s author or illustrator? Want to learn more about this world?

Attend this lively discussion for industry insights. Moderated by Sharon Jennings, author and CANSCAIP president, in this session veterans and recently published authors will compare their experiences. The panel includes Sarabeth Holden, Jennifer Maruno, Naseem Hrab and Paul Covello. The latter two can also share their experience from a publisher’s perspective.

Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP) is a national membership organization dedicated to promoting the professional development of creators for children and teens, through support for their creativity, craft, and business practice.

Sharon Jennings

Our moderator, Sharon Jennings, has written over seventy books for young people—picture books, chapter books, novels for reluctant readers, mid-grade novels and screenplays. Based in Toronto, Canada, she teaches at the Toronto School Board, works as a freelance editor and manuscript reviewer, and gives workshops and speeches across the country. She is now the president of CANSCAIP. Sharon enjoys reading, spending time with her family and her big puppy, AJ.

Naseem Hrab

Naseem Hrab is a writer and storyteller. She is the author of Ira Crumb Makes a Pretty Good Friend and Ira Crumb Feels the Feelings. Naseem worked as a librarian for a time and now works in children’s publishing.


Sarabeth Holden

Sarabeth Holden lives in Toronto. Sarabeth grew up between Nova Scotia, Nunavut, New Brunswick, and Ontario. She is now the president of the Toronto Inuit Association, supporting the local Inuit community as it grows.

Jennifer Maruno

Jennifer Maruno is a long-time educator and author. Her debut novel, When the Cherry Blossoms Fell, was shortlisted for the Hackmatack Award and the Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Readers Choice Award.

Paul Covello

Paul Covello is an illustrator and art director, and the nationally bestselling creator of Canada ABC, Canada 123 and Everyday ABC, among other beloved titles.

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