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This year we are excited to take Telling Tales – Celebrating Graphic Novels online with three very special digital workshops. Stories truly can connect us, and the best part about our event going online is that you don’t have to be in Hamilton to participate! We can’t wait to welcome teens and tweens from across Canada and beyond as they connect with young adult authors and illustrators. 

Please come back after the presentations to complete this quick survey, your feedback is very important to us!

*all survey participants will be entered in a draw to win a book from one of our Celebrating Graphic Novels presenters.

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Our event may be over but….

If you weren’t able to join us live for the Celebrating Graphic Novels workshops where we learned from the pros and discovered how to get a story out of our head and onto the page not to worry, you can re-watch these amazing workshops online thanks to our friends at the Hamilton Public Library! Viewers will learn practical tools and strategies for creating characters, illustrations and storytelling.

Be sure to have a pencil/pen and paper with you. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Thank you to Kevin Sylvester for the fabulous illustrations of our three presenters!

Kevin Sylvester – Doodling, Noodling, and Oodles of Comic Advice

Fans of Neil Flambé and Gargantuan Jr will recognize award-winning writer and illustrator Kevin Sylvester’s work. His upcoming series, The Hockey Super Six (Book 1 out in September), is even more picture-packed. Kevin will lead an interactive workshop on how to design your very own comic. He’ll start with character designs based on shapes, then head all the way to laying out a page of action!

Watch as Kevin creates, doodle along and unleash your inner artist!

Material required (optional) – paper, pencil, pencil crayons, pen

Tory Woollcott – Knock-Knock Jokes

Learn how to make your own comic strips with writer and cartoonist Tory Woollcott! Using knock-knock jokes as the base of a comic, Tory will lead you through laying out a comic and making your own characters to tell your own stories and jokes!

Materials required: A PDF worksheet will be provided, but plain paper, pencils, and pencil crayons will be all you need!

Knock Knock Worksheet

Submit your best knock-knock jokes to our Creativity Club

Sylv Chiang – What’s Your Superpower: Make Your Own Avatar

Sylv Chiang’s Cross Ups series about a young gamer has been nominated coast-to-coast this year for various Children’s Choice Awards
Discover the characters from the Cross Ups series and their superpowers. Then reflect on your passions and learn to recognize your own inner superpower. Participants are encouraged to create their own avatar!

Materials required: A PDF of the “Design Your Own Avatar” handout will be provided, but you can use any paper and whatever you like to draw with (pencil, pencil crayons, markers…)

Design Your Own Avatar

*Hackmatack (Atlantic Canada), Silver Birch (Ontario) and Red Cedar (B.C.)

Thank you to our event sponsors