Telling Tales is proud to promote children’s literacy as we work to bring a love of reading to children through our unique school programming. 

School Literacy Events

When kids meet an author in real life, they suddenly realize they can be storytellers too! Bring this excitement into your school with a Family Literacy Event. 

Family Literacy Events are the heart of our school outreach programming. These one-hour presentations encourage reading, boost parent engagement, and give families a fun activity to do together. 

Elementary, middle, and high schools can bring in a Telling Tales author or illustrator for an amazing one-hour literary experience. School Councils can use their parental engagement funds or other fundraising to host a Telling Tales Family Literacy event.

School Program at Earl Kitchener

Boost parent engagement and increase excitement about reading!

We can also arrange for classroom author visits during the school day. Our digital reading list presents books by Telling Tales authors organized by age and topic. 

Bring a Telling Tales author to school using our easy to follow PDF below. For more information please email our school liaison, Laura Van Alphen.

Download our School Program Information