Swan Lake: Quest of the Kingdoms

Daughters of the Dawn

Blood Scion

Shooting Stars (Hockey Super Six)

The Witch’s Apprentice (Dragons in a Bag #3)



The Hunchback Assignments

Monsters 101

Sir Simon: Super Scarer

Unicorns 101

The Barren Grounds

Fourth Dimension

Planet Hockey: First Star of the Game

BroBots and the Kaiju Kerfuffle!

Fate of Flames

Legacy of Light

Siege of Shadows

Dragon Assassin: Royal Blood

The Bones of Ruin (#1)

The Rock from the Sky

If I Had a Gryphon

The Winnowing

Hunted By the Sky (The Wrath of Ambar #1)

Body Swap




The Night Gardener

Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster