February 16, 2024 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM



Age / Grade 0-4 / Early Years 4-6 / Kindergarten

Come see Telling Tales at Frost Bites! We are excited to be a part of their Winter Arts Festival this February 13-18th.

Frost Bites is held at the Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre (876 Cannon Street East) and includes participatory storytelling sessions in French and English, musical workshops, skating lessons and demonstrations, and a handmade lantern-led procession of light in Ward 3. There is so much to keep the whole family engaged for a week in February!

In a story filled with humor, confusion, and moments of sweetness, Jennifer Mook-Sang introduces us to a delightful family dynamic and a grandma who doesn’t really need the help settling in but appreciates it anyway. As Grandma goes about her days, her well-meaning granddaughter sees her caring for her plants, and makes sure that Grandma is getting the proper care too.

Jennifer Mook-Sang was born in Guyana, South America, and moved to Canada at the age of fourteen, where she eventually got two degrees in psychology. Reading picture books to her two sons, Matt and Ben, inspired her to become a writer. When she isn’t writing, Jennifer likes to read recipe books and cook things like biryani, cassava pone and guacamole. She can also twist a mean balloon animal.

Frost Bites events are offered FREE to everyone, with the festival developed in the community and for the community. We invite you to join your neighbours to participate in the arts this winter.