Imagination Station

Virtual Event

Age / Grade 8-12 / Grades 3-6

Tory Woollcott

Join Tory Woollcott as she walks you through four steps of making a comic.
1. Learn about the different parts of a comic, word balloons, panels, and how to put them together to make a comic strip!

2. Learn how to use shapes like squares, circles, and triangles to draw anything! Tory will start with drawing objects and animals, then move to drawing faces and emotions.

3. Learn about drawing backgrounds and characters inside of comic panels, telling a story in a sequential order, and adding colour to our work!

4. We’ll try making some comics pages using the skills we’ve learned in steps 1, 2 and 3

This programming was created in partnership with Telling Tales and Eva Rothwell Camp @ Home

Download Tory’s Hand Out