A New World of Literacy Programming

Telling Tales is always looking for new ways to spread our message, empowering children with a love of reading that will change their lives. Our Virtual Workshop Program enables more families than ever before to invite Telling Tales artists into their homes using their computers, phones, and tablets.

Donors like you help spread the magic of storytelling. A monthly gift of $50 supports thousands of families across Canada during this uncertain time, by helping Telling Tales produce high-caliber digital presentations and online resources that can be accessed by kids easily and safely.  

Why Donate?

Reading completely enriches young lives. Children who are read to by adults develop stronger literacy skills of their own, easing their transitions into formal education. A love of reading is heavily correlated with academic success in older children and teens. Reading helps to develop crucial interpersonal skills like empathy, imagination, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. By sharing the Telling Tales mission, you are changing lives and empowering children to rewrite their own stories.

Yes, I want to support the Virtual Workshop Program!

Donors will ensure that Telling Tales artists will reach our audience of over 4,000 families, regardless of their distance from one another, through this investment in digital presentations and literacy workshops.