Make Story Magic Happen

At Telling Tales, we know that the magic of storytelling is not limited to autumn and our festival events. We work year-round to connect Canadian authors, illustrators, and storytellers to local community centres, social service providers, and school groups, because we believe that all families should have access to storytelling magic.

Since 2018, donors have ensured that nearly 2,000 children and their families have enjoyed a workshop by a Telling Tales author, storyteller or illustrator who visited their local neighbourhood centre or school.

Donors Like You Help Share the Magic In Local Neighbourhoods

A monthly gift of $10 will ensure that five local children can attend a Telling Tales literacy workshop in their community, connecting children with their heroes and idols: the authors, illustrators, and performers who tell their favourite stories. It’s these personal interactions with authors – when you can meet the real person behind the book – that captures the imagination of children, providing them with the gift of storytelling.

Support Canadian Voices  

Our community events are not only beneficial for children and families: we also work to support the voices of Canadian storytellers. Your gifts help us pay our presenters a fair wage, because we know that their work is valuable. We help storytellers spend time with children and families – their biggest fans – thanks to donors like you!

Why Donate?

Reading completely enriches young lives. Children who are read to by adults develop stronger literacy skills of their own, easing their transitions into formal education. A love of reading is heavily correlated with academic success in older children and teens. Reading helps to develop crucial interpersonal skills like empathy, imagination, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. By sharing the Telling Tales mission, you are changing lives and empowering children to rewrite their own stories.

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