Keep the Festivals Free

Since day one, Telling Tales has made it our mission to keep admission to our festival events free. We believe that stories empower all children, and so we do our best to create barrier-free events for families of all backgrounds to enjoy.   

Donors like you keep our festival free. A monthly gift of $25 will enrich the lives of thousands by ensuring that they can continue to enjoy festival programming free of charge. Your gift enables Telling Tales to attract Canada’s finest children’s storytellers to our events, sharing the message that literacy and the arts are vital to our well-being.

Power Festival Activities

The Festival Access Program enlivens the festival experience for all the kids who attend. Your gifts fund the creation of interactive workshops within the festival, activities that help power the magic of the day. We supply arts and crafts stations, run writing contests and book giveaways, and arrange for shuttle buses to get thousands of families to our events every year, all thanks to donors like you!

“…Telling Tales is one of the great festivals in Canada. The concept is so simple and yet so perfect. Getting creators and kids together, no tech, just books and beautiful surroundings…” – Author, Kevin Sylvester

Why Donate?

Reading completely enriches young lives. Children who are read to by adults develop stronger literacy skills of their own, easing their transitions into formal education. A love of reading is heavily correlated with academic success in older children and teens. Reading helps to develop crucial interpersonal skills like empathy, imagination, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. By sharing the Telling Tales mission, you are changing lives and empowering children to rewrite their own stories.

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