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  • Body Swap – Book Review

    In Yara’s second book review for Telling Tales, she shares her insights and thoughts on Sylvia McNicoll’s latest release Body Swap.

  • Canada Day Reading Roundup

    How do you plan to celebrate Canada Day? What ever you do on July 1 st , we hope your day includes some time with a great book. Here are some to consider…

  • Meet the Author: Sylv Chiang

    You may know Sylv Chiang as the author of the popular Cross Ups series. We had a chance to ask her a few questions, and wait until you read what she shared!

  • What’s Your Inspiration

    What inspires you? If you are interested in sharing your creative work, we would love to see it. Join our Creativity Club and find out more!

  • Bugs, bugs, bugs…

    Read on to learn about some books that you won’t have to “bug” your kids to read (we love a good pun).

  • April is Poetry Month

    April is Poetry Month, and we’re here to celebrate. Not only is poetry is great to read, but it also provides children an opportunity to develop crucial reading and comprehension skills.

  • Volunteer Week 2020

    Volunteers are the heart of so many organizations, businesses and local groups and this week we are celebrating all they do for us!